Materials design and innovation
made beneficial to new companies
and established industry
Areas of expertise
Experienced people, sophisticated tools and facilities, as well as environment for innovations makes excellent combination for your needs to develop your innovative products or meet material related challenges
Materials for Electronics and Photonics
Nanomaterials and ceramics
Thin films and coatings
Materials for energy harvesting & storage
Theoretical material design and modelling
What We Do
Design of functional materials
Design of functional materials

From theoretical modelling to practical implementation in applications

Electronic & photonic prototyping
Electronic & photonic prototyping

Development of components from any idea stage to prototyping stage

Characterisation of materials
Characterisation of materials

Spectroscopy, microscopy, structure, electrochemical analysis and other methods

Research and Analysis
Research and Analysis

40 years of experience in material development provided by 200 scientists

Small scale production of components
Small scale production of components

Cleanroom area of 680 m² with different process and measurement tools

Case Studies
Prototyping Facility in Cleanrooms

Cleanroom based platform for development and testing of new ideas in micro and nano technologies

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED)

Investigation of organic materials and prototyping of organic light emitting diodes (OLED) for innovative screens and lighting applications

Optical Lithography

Creation of different surface structures with sub-micron precision with high resolution direct-write laser lithography method for various applications

Vacuum Deposition of Thin Films

Multifunctional cluster tool and expertise in vacuum deposition of thin films for inorganic and organic materials

Composite nanomaterials synthesis

Oxyfluoride glass ceramics using silicate glass and various fluoride crystal counterparts which are superior for various optical applications

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